TotalEnergies Aviation Lubricants, Greases & Oils

A world leader in aviation lubricants, TotalEnergies supplies a range of products for use in the aviation sector, including lubricants, greases and oils. Thanks to their cutting edge research and development you can be sure of greater quality, durability and fuel efficiency when using these products.

High Quality, High Performance Aviation Lubricants

TotalEnergies offer high quality, high performance lubricants for aircraft propulsion systems in a variety of grades, including both dispersive and non-dispersive categories. Alongside these are a range of lubricants for landing gear, flaps, doors, wheel bearings, transmissions and navigation instrumentation, ensuring that you have your entire aircraft covered.

Total Aero Propulsion System Lubricants

The Total Aero range of propulsion system lubricants, feature dispersive and non-dispersive, low-ash solutions utilising both semi-synthetic and mineral base stock. These products use the highest quality bases and are formulated with the latest additives such as anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion.

TotalEnergies Aviation Product Applications

The aviation product range from TotalEnergies, can be utilised across a variety of different applications including:

  • Aircraft Lubrication
    • HYDRAUNYCOIL FH51 – Filtered hydraulic oil, used in damping fluids for landing gears. Meets both SMIL-PRF-5606 H and NATO H-515 standards.
    • NYCOGREASE – For use with flaps, doors and wheel bearings.
    • AEROGEAR 823 & AEROGEAR 1032 – Gear oil for helicopters, used as a transmission lubricant. Meets both the Airbus Helicopter approval and NATO O-155 standard.
    • AEROHYDARULIC 520 – Hydraulic oil, used as an oil for navigation instruments. Meets the NATO – H5205 standard.
  • Aerobatics
    • AEROSMOKE – Smoke oil, used by aircraft in aerobatics performances.
  • Propulsion System Lubrication
    • AERO DM 15W50 – Dispersive and multigrade piston oil. Meets both the Lycoming/Continental approval and SAE J 1899 standard.
    • AERO XPD – Dispersive piston oil. Meets both the Lycoming/Continental approval and SAE J 1899 standard.
    • TURBONYCOIL 600 & 640 – Turbine oil that can also be used as auxiliary fluid. Meets both the Turbomeca approval and HPC/HTS standard.