Designed for Aerospace – Permabond® ET5422 Structural Adhesive

Launched back in June 2022, the Permabond® ET5422, is a thixotropic two-part structural adhesive that displays excellent resistance to impact and vibration. This blue epoxy adhesive demonstrates extremely high strength and was originally developed for use in a spacecraft project, while later being adopted by an aircraft parts manufacturer.

Permabond® ET5422 in Application

Where gap filling is required, ET5422’s controlled flow properties, as well as its ease of mixing and application makes the product ideally suited to these requirements. Exceptional performance has also been found to be provided at elevated temperatures.

Permabond® ET5422 was specifically formulated for use in applications that require toughness and high strength, providing high-strength adhesion to many engineering materials. Its ability to bond dissimilar materials and seals against moisture and chemicals, allows greater freedom with material selection.

Consisting of a resin and a hardener, the dual cartridge package allows the product to be dispensed with a handgun through static mix nozzles. Full cure can be achieved at room temperature. However, this cure time can be reduced through the use of heat curing. Additionally, heat curing can be further utilised to tailor the cured properties of the adhesive. For example, the peel strength on aluminium tested to ISO4578 when cured 1 hour @ 60°C is 270 N/25mm (59 PIW).  However, cured for 5 days @ 23°C, it is 320 N/25mm (70 PIW).

Features & Benefits of Permabond® ET5422

While this adhesive was designed for use in Aerospace applications it can also find use in other applications, such as manufacturers of sports equipment and automotive parts. This is due in part to its features and benefits, including:

  • Easy to use and apply
  • High shear and peel strength
  • Long open time
  • High temperature resistance
  • Strength for aluminium bonding and bonding with many other substrates
  • Room temperature curing – curing time can be reduced by heat curing
  • Ideal for replacing welding